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Since 1993 we have been providers of JLG parts and accessories for heavy construction equipment. When it comes to heavy-duty lifts, highly requested equipment, such as Boom Lifts and JLG forklift parts, are available for immediate purchase or rental, however, when asked about our most resilient machine for high-rise heavy work, the ideal choice is scissor lifts.

Scissor lifts are widely used in most construction sites, as it provides a safe way to accomplish precise tasks at high elevations, usually for cable wiring or close inspections, making it a useful addition. Scissor lifts vary in size and applications, but usually, they provide around 40 feet of platform height, some going up to 43 feet and beyond.

For choosing a scissor lift, the main specifications taken into account are stroke, size, and capacity to make the most out of the equipment. Therefore, we provide equipment from a variety of weight capacity for projects, so you will be able to determine this particular factor for each project by swapping out the lift. Platform size will of course depend on the load, and depending on the project, you will need the center of gravity centered for optimal function. Finally, the power supply will affect the versatility of each model, as fueled lifts will be more durable than electric lifts.

Every part sold has to meet a standard of quality for every product. As such, all our equipment is packed with safety components approved by the OSHA for worker safety, providing rails and a minimum standard of stability to prevent an accident. As such, for different types of projects, there are different specifications, which is why we offer rental for electric scissor lifts, large electric scissor lifts, and rough terrain scissor lifts. If you own these types of equipment, we also retail replacement JLG lift parts if they need replacement.

Electric scissor lifts are ideal for clean works. As they do not require fossil fuel, they are much more environmentally safe and silent. For this, they are perfect for indoor environments, as they do not take much space, and provide a spacious yet safe platform for any kind of job. Large electric scissor lifts have the same advantages, but they add considerable platform heights that go up to 40 feet.

Rough terrain scissor lifts are the perfect choice for difficult construction sites, as they are optimized for grounds without consistent leveling and even harsh weather conditions. It is usually powered by gas, diesel, and propane as they need extra combustion for their uses, and can go as high as 50 feet tall. They are great for challenging work and are amongst the easiest to operate.

When it comes to sales and rentals, we have these services, as well as JLG lift parts for sale for these models of scissor lifts. We are a certified provider of JLG parts and service with decades of experience in the area, and every day, we commit more of our efforts to ensure the safety of our clients with unexcelled equipment and parts from prestigious manufacturers. When it comes to constructions and handiwork, no one beats our standards of excellence.

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