Curtain Wall System Nova Scotia

Curtain Wall System Nova Scotia

You are likely considering a curtain wall system if you want the building to look covered in glass. A curtain wall system is a freestanding exterior that looks like complete glass all across, whose primary purpose is to protect the building against water and air penetration. Typically, these walls have an aluminum frame to hold metal or glass panels in place. Glass curtain walls are trendy because they have a sleek and refined look. The glass curtain wall has a host of benefits in addition to its sleek beauty, which we will expound on in the text below.

Benefits of a curtain wall system in Nova Scotia

Interior partitions

Protection curtains in Nova Scotia are excellent partitions in establishments like restaurants or libraries. They allow visibility across to the other side to see what is happening, all while giving a different purpose to each different room. This means the entire space will be a welcoming environment that is also organized and easy to navigate. The glass partitions make the room appear more significant because you bring the outside to the inside and let people know they are not alone in a small enclosed space.


The curtain wall is incredibly flexible, making it the perfect choice for dividing rooms into different interior spaces. We have versatile aluminum and glass wall systems with various configurations to allow a combination of configurations to match your exact interests.

Add beauty

The glass Nova Scotia protection security shutters integrate a perfect external view into the room while blending perfectly with materials like wood. 47% of employees in one study stated that they do not feel as tired or demotivated when working behind a transparent curtain wall; instead, they feel energetic and creative in the presence of natural light and life from the outside. These walls are famous in stores that need to display their items to the outside world brightly and attractively. We can help you choose the exact kind of glass walls that entice customers, so they can take a closer look without getting into the store to find out the kind of items you sell.  

Improve building’s efficiency

Curtain wall automated doors provide structural stability because it reduces sway from strong winds and seasonal catastrophes. It disperses any shakes throughout the frame so inhabitants can feel comfortable despite the disruptive energies surrounding it.

An aluminum wall is excellent against fire; hence it can protect the entire building against rapid-fire spreads that easily transfer on plain wooden walls. These features are essential in tall buildings that may experience rapid fires due to strong winds that move upwards, causing more catastrophes. The solid protection of a curtain wall also makes it great for thermal efficiency, so you can cut down on AC operating costs and control the amount of UV getting to the building.

We cannot exhaust all the benefits of curtain wall systems until we look at your construction or hold an extensive consultation via phone at 902-482-0799 or online contact. Get in touch today for individualized information on your Nova Scotia curtain wall system.


Curtain Wall System Nova Scotia

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Curtain Wall System Nova Scotia

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